About Us

Chitravedh is an yearly Marathi language Diwali edition of a film based magazine started in 1980 by Bal Phule. It was a pioneer in film content, with top film journalists like Devyani Chaubal, Bhavna Somayya, Jyoti Venkatesh, etc. creating stories and articles for it. It was very popular in its time. It is being revived by his filmmaker daughter, Sucheta Phule after thirty seven years in a digital format.

It is the first film based digital Marathi Diwali Anka (edition).This tradition of reading Diwali editions is typical of Marathi culture with some issues even being reprinted on public demand. The all new Chitravedh is slated for release this Diwali.

It has an eclectic mix of articles, interviews, video conversations, unplugged music sessions, poetry recitations and much more from Hollywood, Bollywood, Marathi cinema and world cinema.