What is the price of Chitravedh?

Price of each ₹300

What are the supported devices for viewing Chitravedh Magazine?

Browsers on Smart Devices (Phones, Tablets) and Laptop

Will Chitravedh be offered as Hard Copy?

Chitravedh is a digital magazine. Given the Audio/Video content in the magazine, there are no plans to offer as a Printed/Hard copy

How do I purchase copy of Chitravedh?

You need to Pay the designated amount of magazine & Register. After successful payment, you will receive access to the digital copy of Chitravedh.

How do I sign up for Chitravedh?

1) Click on Subscribe Now

Subscribe Now

2) Enter following

a. UserName (that will be used for login purposes)

b. Valid email address along with a password. Store this Username and Email Address securely as you may need it for correspondence Subscribe Form

3) Click on PAY

a. Enter Phone number (e.g. +919979494123) b. Valid email address c. Select Payment option (Card, Netbanking, Wallet, UPI) Payment Mode

Payment Related

Will my payment be secure?

Yes, all the payments are secure. We use SSL certificate for encrypting the data. Chitravedh website doesn’t store any payment Card related information (Credit Card/ Bank Card)

What modes of payment do you accept?

Currently we accept Credit Card and Bank/Debit Card having MasterCard/Visa logo only

Will I get refund for purchased product?

All sales are final & no refund will be issued once the transaction is complete.

Technical Issues

How do I Report issues with Website?

Please send email to explaining the issue. If you have purchased Chitravedh magazine already, please provide that email address.

What happens if you forget the password?

Please Click on Forgot Password Link. You will receive email with a link to RESET the password. This will work only if you had successfully registered before.

Issue in watching Video's on Smart Phone ?


for Smartphone users (e.g. iPhone) If you can't play the Video, please switch OFF the Reader mode by tapping the line-style icon in the left corner of the URL bar. This technical issue is being investigated.